Santiago Accini
art that speaks
spatu cover.jpg




This project, which transformed the spatula in an art tool, demanded an analysis of the binomial form-function of the object. In my experience with the spatula, after an stage an experimentation, the obtained pattern that interested me the most, was the one generated by holes of the spatula by sliding it with acrylic. To generate this pattern easily, I changed the morphology of the object by blending the part with the holes, and the new patterns generated awake my interest. Depending on the pressure I applied to the spatula to generate a pattern and on the time I take to slide it, the results were different. 

As the spatula had five holes, the pattern generated reminded me the print that fingers leave in the mirror when it is condensed. Photography was for me once again an inspiration source and gave me comfort to continue generating patterns with the object.


spatu cover.jpg

The tool began to demand on me a delicate esthetic. The small heights that appeared on the paintings asked me to pass from generating material on 2D to create an object, a product of three dimensions done with the spatula. Finally I melted wax and poured it into a small flower pot to create one made of wax. But, with the patterns generated by the spatula appearing on the inside.


All the material generated can show us that many tools, like the spatula, are needing us to explore them to give them a new function. Maybe the case of the spatula is extreme, but I strongly believe that the patterns created, are not far from being good pieces of art, and that with more time, much better results can be reached. This project made me rethink about the possibilities offered by the morphology of each object and by the material each one carries.