Santiago Accini
art that speaks



The Prometeo Knife is the product of a deep analysis of the direct relationship between the knife and animal consumerism. It is impossible to disassociate the knife with death. The dimensions, materials and history of one of our first tools portray an object that was also our first support to survive. Hunting animals and fighting with other humans was it first function.

Along history, with the knife, humankind have experienced the murders for pure cruelty or revenge, and the the sacrifice, a gift for superior beings as we expect a better future. The sacrifice is a novel part of the death the knife is certainly associated with.

According to the Greek Mythology, this sacrifice originated with the Promethean Myth. In the moment of the separation between Gods and humans, Prometeo sacrificed an ox and divided the remains of the animal in two parts. One, disguising the bones as the tasty part with the help of the fat, and the other, with the organs of more repugnant aspect covering the eatable part of the animal.

The Greek Gods leaded by Zeus were fooled by Prometeo to chose the bones and humans remained with the meat. As a consequence, Zeus wanted to punish humanity taking the fire away of them, so we would eat the meat as beasts: raw. But Prometeo stole a spark of fire that carried to the Earth, and that we would need to preserve in order to eat meat cooked and differentiate from the beasts.


When we tasted the meat, according to Greek mythology, we sign our death sentence. With this first consumption of meat came hunger, never appeased and always renewed in us. This is the mark of humans as species whose forces are spent and exhausted little by little, a species that is doomed to fatigue, aging and death.

Our times are partly like the Promethean myth: the meat and the fire speak to us more than ever of the mortality of the planet and therefore of ours. The rising of the world population carries more hunger and therefore we force more the reproduction and sacrifice of the animals. But this animal consumerism has become so excessive that finally nature has begun to demand control throughout natural disasters.

Design is able to show us where we come from and the way our objects have been changing along history. Because of the direct relationship I see between the knife and the consumption of meat which is harming the planet, I decided to go back to the roots of these object with the help of one of the first materials we dominated: ceramic. Representing tools inspired by primitivity, Prometeo Knife reminds us our first tools, the development of our civilization and what we must preserve.

In addition, the knife's edge breaks when in contact with bones, which in certain way suggests the user a responsible consumption of food.

prometeo charly cortando.jpg